1. Do you own the factory that makes your mattresses? 
    Yes we do.  We do not engage an OEM manufacturer to produce mattresses on our behalf. 
  2. I have come across several brands that are advertised as being American or European.  How do I know it is true? 
    Hypothetically, anyone can, for example, register a trademark in the U.S.A, have their mattresses made somewhere else such as China or Indonesia, and sell those mattresses in another part of the world that isn’t U.S.A while claiming falsely to be an American brand.  A brand needs to have a substantial presence in a country’s market before it can claim to be a brand originating from that country. 
  3. How often must one replace one’s mattress? 
    There is no definite answer because a mattress of good quality can last for more than a decade with proper maintenance and care.  On the other hand, you should strongly consider getting a new mattress when your existing one is significantly soiled, damaged, or unable to deliver a good night’s rest. 
  4. Some mattresses are described as having properties that disperses body heat or repels mosquitoes for example.  How true is that? 
    Research has made to develop mattress fabrics that possess certain properties capable of improving the quality of one’s sleep.  The extent to which these special fabrics can be effective depends greatly on the care that is given to one’s mattress. Soiling a mattress diminishes the properties of the mattress so please keep your mattress well maintained and clean. 
  5. How do I know I am really paying for a pocket spring mattress? 
    The term “individual barrel shape pocketed spring” is often abbreviated to “pocket spring” for the sake of convenience.  One must insist on a mattress whose label unequivocally states that it is an “individual barrel shape pocketed spring” mattress.  The consumer must take note that dishonest salesmen can promote hourglass shape bonnel spring mattresses as pocket spring mattresses.  The cost of producing bonnel spring coils is lower than the cost of producing true pocket spring coils.  A manufacturer with the intention of cutting corners and of misleading customers can wrap these hourglass spring coils in fabric to create the illusion of a pocket spring system.  Please refer to our mattress guide under support for further explanation. 
  6. What is the best kind of mattress out there? 
    No one should have an answer for this question.  While it is acceptable to say that a conventionally good mattress is one that provides quality support, every individual has his preferences that must be met before he or she is able to enter a comfortable state of mind. Therefore, to achieve a good night’s sleep, one needs more than just an expensive mattress. 


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