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All mattresses in our store are standard Singapore dimensions.

Can't find a bed with the size that you want? We are able to customise our beds in different sizes, be it a California King or a bed with extended length. Please email us at for more information.

A )

Memory foam

Memory foam is also known as visco-elastic foam, and is a temperature sensitive foam that molds to the contours of your body as your weight shifts. Memory foam is known for reducing pressure points and relieving pain. Memory foam mattresses will usually feel more cosy as the foam molds to the contours of your body. It also absorbs movement and helps to minimise motion disturbance.

B )

Natural latex

Natural latex provides a firm and bouncy support that is uniform throughout the bed. It provides comfort that is similar to memory foam, but unlike memory foam, the natural latex pushes back, providing a firmer support. Natural latex mattresses are cooling and help to regulate temperature, providing you with the most comfortable sleeping experience without compromising on support. 

C )


Cold cure foam is also known as moulded synthetic latex. Cold cure foam is a dense and hard-wearing foam that has excellent resilience to flattening, and if able to keep its shape and support much longer and better than other types of foam. A unique property of cold cure foam is that it has a layer of ‘skin’ that prevents air from escaping, giving the mattress structure, which helps to keep its shape even after heavy use. 

D )


Foam based mattresses are suitable for those who want all round comfort without compromising on support. The softness of the foam provides pressure relief and allows the spine to align to its natural position. 

E )


Rebond Foam is made from shredded foam that undergoes a gluing process, forming a solid piece of foam. It is very dense and provides a firm support base that is able to withstand heavy use while maintaining longevity.

A )


Polyester is a preferred choice for those who are looking for a no-frills fabric as a mattress cover.

B )


Damask fabric is easily identified by its threaded, slightly shiny appearance, and slightly rough texture. Damask is a very durable fabric and has been used as a mattress cover for many years. 

C )


Knitted fabric is a newer fabric in the market that is thick, soft, slightly stretchable, and breathable. 

D )


PVC and PU medically approved fabric uses an innovative anti-bacterial finish based on silver ions. The mattress will stay dry, cool, and fresh throughout the night. The silver component prevents the multiplication of bacteria and reduces allergies. Find out more about PVC and PU medically approved fabric here. 

A )


A foam encasement or box up around the spring unit of a mattress provides edge support and offer edge-to-edge comfort across the entire mattress, helping the mattress retain its shape and provide long lasting comfort. A foam encasement can provide additional sleeping area on the mattress and helps to reduce the chance of mattress edge sink (typically caused by sitting on the edge of the mattress) over a period of time.

A )

Tight Top

A minimal layer of fibre for a firm feeling.

B )

Euro Top

A box shaped top of premium foam that is stitched to the centre of the mattress for great plush support.

C )

Pillow TOP

A pillow top that visually resembles that of a cushion resting on the top of a mattress.

D )

Double Pillow Top

A double pillow top, as the name indicates, is a combination of two layers of pillow top cushions working in unison, to deliver luxury and comfort.

E )

Plush Top

A plush top is conventionally several inches of quality foam or latex over the innerspring system to cushion one’s initial plunge into the mattress, after which the resiliency of the innersprings comes into play to provide support.

F )

Plush Euro Top

The plush euro top is conceived through the deliberated addition of an euro top layer over a plush top layer in order to deliver a multi-tiered support that delivers the adequate degree of support depending on how one uses the mattress, be it sitting on the edge or resting sideways.

G )

Cloud TopTM

The merging of a foam mattress with an innerspring core creates the distinctive feature of a hybrid mattress that is visually similar to a layer cake. The cloud top is the defining feature of a Magic Koil hybrid mattress for being capable of achieving a perfect blend of support and softness for the modern lifestyle.


Two misleading acts involve use of bonnel spring coils and one single sheet of fabric to create a false pocket spring system.    Interlocked, these coils cannot move independently like real individual pocketed springs.    All coils are shown to be interlocked on four sides. 
A top view of bonnel spring coils made to falsify the appearance of individual barrel shape pocketed spring coils.    Here you have a mattress housing a false pocket spring system.    Concealed within the fabric are bonnel spring coils. 


The term “pocket spring” is a term frequently misunderstood by consumers during their search for a new mattress. By the influence of media and marketing, the mentioning of “pocket spring,” during a sales pitch, invokes in the mind of a potential buyer the following mental images: 

  1. Spring coils wrapped in fabric pockets. 
  2. Bowling pins, placed on spring coils, that remain erect and undisturbed when a bowling ball is dropped on the coils. 

The potential buyer infers that the product being promoted provides premium support, comfort, and reduction of physical pressure.  However, consumers must note that these properties are only assured and proven if the product truly houses an individual barrel pocketed spring system, and not simply a collection of spring coils wrapped in fabric pockets to create the illusion of there being an individual barrel pocketed spring system.  In the photographs displayed above, one may find examples of manufacturers in the act of dishonestly producing spring coil clusters that resemble an individual barrel shape pocketed spring systems only on a cosmetic level. 

To confirm the veracity of the sales pitch, the cautious consumer can inquire whether the spring coils are barrel-shaped and not hourglass-shaped as they are in bonnel spring mattresses.  Furthermore, the consumer can also inquire whether the coils are housed separately in individual fabric pockets—as it is possible for a manufacturer to wrap columns of connected hourglass-shaped coils (meant for bonnell mattresses and not for genuine pocketed spring mattresses) in a singular piece of fabric.  These properties are hard to ascertain unless the consumer opens up the mattress.  Also, when the price point of the product is too hard to ignore, a consumer is more likely to assume that the term “pocket spring” is equivalent to “individual barrel pocketed spring” due to confirmation bias.

As it is unlikely that a consumer would rip open a mattress recently purchased to inspect its contents, manufacturers can be incentivized to use cheaper materials and an easier fabrication process without fear of getting caught. Therefore, mattresses can be secretly housing a bonnel spring spring system while being promoted as “pocket spring” to mislead consumers into thinking that products are individual barrel shaped pocketed spring mattresses. We at Magic Koil confidently and proudly state that our pocket spring mattresses are genuine individual barrel pocketed spring mattresses. 

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