Introducing the new Nebula Regain, a Magic Koil premium hybrid mattress

Meet the Nebula Regain, brilliantly crafted in Singapore.  

This mattress is the newest creation to take shape out of Magic Koil's endless drive to make unforgettable beds right here in this small but proud city nation.  

The Regain is a hybrid mattress that combines the benefits of an innerspring mattress with that of a foam mattress.  The outcome is outstanding: contour conformability is achieved without difficulty of movement and an excessive sense of body hugging that might bother you in the middle of the night; the marriage of a memory foam and natural latex hybrid pillow top and high profile individual barrel pocket springs creates a softness that still has sufficient buoyancy to promote good posture for both back and side sleepers.  The sensation of plopping into the Regain shall take you into a heavenly state of weightlessness, and it is not too soft such that it causes your spine to rest in an awkward valley shape that leads to back aches.  The multi-layered cushion of soft foams mixed and manufactured by our own hands ensures that the Regain responses to users of different shapes and sizes to provide a bespoke and appropriate degree of comfort factor and support.  The high profile individual barrel shape pocket spring coils, also manufactured by us, provides excellent motion isolation for individuals with sleeping partners, and futhermore, provides a subtle and soothing sense of buoyancy that some foam mattresses might not possess.

To sleep well, you have to trust Singaporean quality.  

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